“…the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.”

Isaiah 10:27

     A yoke is defined as a harness used for animals to pull various things behind them and to steer them in the direction that is needed. It represents servitude, slavery, bondage. Yokes are not as common in this day and age, but I believe we have a visual idea of what one is and looks like.

Now I know obviously we are not animals. But when you read this portion of Scripture you understand that God was telling people that the “weights” that they carried would be destroyed by the Holy Spirit. We are not talking about literal weights. God was referring to the suffering they went through. It was due to their turning their backs on Him. And unfortunately they suffered in many ways by not having Him in their lives. They were under a yoke of bondage.

Whether we choose to believe this or not, this portion of Scripture applies to us right now. Even though many years have come and gone since this was written, we continue to live in a world where we struggle with different things in life. We carry weights. The weights we are talking about are addictions, pains, regrets; the list can go on and on.

There are a couple lies that we believe concerning yokes:

  • We assume we can never be loosed from the weights we carry.
  • We assume nobody understands the weights we carry; not even God.

Yes! They are lies. The Bible speaks of the fact that God does know and understand where we are and what we are going through in life. And He also says that things can most definitely change in our lives! The Holy Spirit can destroy the weights in which we carry. We can have peace in knowing someone knows where we are and things won’t always be the same once we come in contact with Him.

Seek Him today and find that the Holy Spirit will break any yoke you may carry in your life.

PRAYER- Father I come today recognizing you know me. You know where I am and you know what I’m facing in my life right now. I also recognize that you can destroy the yoke that I’m under by your Holy Spirit. I ask you to do that in Jesus name ~Amen


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