“Two are better than one…A threefold cord is not quickly broken”

Ecclesiastes 4:9,12

Ok, so I get it. I understand that I will not be able to fully discuss all there is to know about teamwork in a five minute read. But I do want to share a couple things about a pretty familiar team we read about in the Bible. The team that Jesus handpicked Himself: the 12 disciples.

Often when we think about the 12 disciples, we think about 12 different people. Granted, some had the same occupations and some were even relatives; but they were 12 different people nonetheless.

So in the coming weeks, I want to go over a few situations that arose from their time together and hopefully get ourselves thinking about some of the conflicts within teamwork. We will also go over a few basic principles that will help in avoiding these conflicts.

  • Greed: When Mary chose to anoint Jesus with the costly perfume in Matthew chapter 26, Judas complained about the possibility of it being sold for a decent amount of money. But we also know Judas was a lover of money, and he simply couldn’t bear to see it “wasted” in his opinion. Now if we are not careful, we can possess greed in different ways. Whether it’s greed for a position, authority, or attention, greed is not a good trait to possess, especially on a team. Greed leads to many other bad characteristics. And also when you possess greed, a lot of times it’s never fulfilled.
  • Contentment: The Bible speaks in different places about the need for people to be content with the things we have. And to answer your question, that’s not an excuse to not work hard. We must possess contentment in life. That may be hard for some, but the secret to contentment is to first find contentment in Christ. Christ brings contentment. Knowing the price that was paid for our sins should bring a “foundational contentment” in our lives where everything else is secondary. We are content in knowing we are forgiven for all the wrong we’ve done. And we live our lives, through the good and the bad, seeking after God’s Perfect Will for us. And regardless of what comes, we remain content. May you be content today!

Prayer- God I come before You realizing that their are a lot of greedy people in this world. It can be easy to slip into greed when working with others. We saw this in the Bible. But I also know that I can change this reality by starting with myself. I am content in knowing you died on a cross for me. Let me also be content with always walking in Your Will for my life. I know I may go through things, but knowing you’re with me brings contentment. And for that I thank you. ~Amen

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