We believe that real life change happens best in the context of authentic relationships. Our “free-market” small groups meet once a week in places all around our city and provide a place for you to connect, grow, and discuss the issues and challenges of life. 

Regardless of your age, interest, or location, we are sure there is a group out there for you. Small groups are also where we can pray, care for one another, and are missed if we don’t show up. Our small groups run in three semesters each year, so it's never too late to join .

Sign up for a group on Sunday at the First Time Guest Tent or online today!




Our Lifted Group is a group of men that meets early every Saturday morning. Our goal is to just connect and build each-other up. If you're a MAN who can rise up early, this is for YOU!

Marriage GROUP

Marriage Group

We have a passion for married couples of all ages! Wether you're newly married or it's your 20th year, we all can learn from each other.  We have a great time connecting and there is FREE CHILDCARE!

Virtuous WOMEN

Women Group

Our Group is a group for women looking to connect and grow with other women. We have a great time while learning what it means to be a Virtuous Woman.

Forge Construction Group

Interested about learning construction and building basics while connecting with people and learning about Jesus? This group does all of that.

House party Student group

Student Hangout

This is a Student Hangout! This is for any student from middle school to college. Join us for an awesome time!